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Client objections agencies face when selling call tracking (and how to overcome them)

If you use call tracking at your marketing agency, you have probably spent hours trying to explain and convince your clients why they need to add call tracking and all the benefits of it. This is probably the hardest part of the whole call tracking process. Without call tracking, it is very hard to prove that your online marketing works and that it is driving leads for your clients. If

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5 Reasons Why Marketing Agencies Need Call Tracking

Call tracking is the process of connecting offline interactions, like phone calls, with online visits. The most basic form of call tracking would be when a business asks a person who called them “How did you hear about us?”. The problem with simply asking all potential customers isn’t really effective, especially if a business receives a lot of inquiries – and most businesses that rely on phone calls to close

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What Is Call Tracking and How Can It Help You Grow Your Agency?

Most marketing efforts today are measured using some sort of digital analytics. Whether it’s website visits, page views, session lengths, or impressions, marketers need to know which channels and campaigns are performing best so that they can focus more on those best performers. Even though we are online most of the day, many businesses rely on phone calls for closing deals. For these businesses, offline conversions (phone calls) are very important. And

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