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Track Phone Call Leads with Google Analytics

Google Analytics Call Tracking

Get the most of your call tracking with Google Analytics integration

Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/MediumConversii telefonice - Google Analytics

Acquisition > AdWords > CampaignsConversii telefonice - Google AdWords

Acquisition > Adwords > KeywordsKeywords call tracking - INVOX

Conversions > Goals > OverviewConversions Goals Overview - Google Analytics

Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnels > Assisted Conversions
Assisted Conversions - Google Analytics Call Tracking

Conversions > Attribution > Model Comparison ToolModel Comparison Tool

How do you up set phone calls as conversions in Google Analytics?

  1. Click the “Admin” button in the top menu on your Google Analytics account
  2. Select “Goals” in the “View” column (last column on the right)
  3. Click the “+New Goal” button
    1. Goal setup – select “Custom” and then click “Continue
    2. Goal Description – type “Phone Call” select “Event” then click “Continue
    3. Goal Details – fill in:
      • Category” type “Invox Call Tracking
      • Action” type “Call
      • Label” leave blank
      • Value”:
        • leave blank – if you want to import all calls;
        • or Greater than x –  if you want to only import calls longer than x seconds (Example: Greater than 30, if you want to import calls with a minimum duration of 30 seconds)
      • Click “Save”.

Now every time a customers call your business on the tracking numbers, the call will be recorded in Google Analytics as a conversion.

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