Real Estate Call Tracking

Help your sales rep close more sales with cost efficient marketing campaigns



We are constantly developing new features that help you get more qualified leads so you can close more sales every month.

Complete report with the number of phone calls you receive from each real estate portal. Find out from which real estate portal it sends you the most qualified leads.

Apeluri din portaluri imobiliare

Our virtual assistant will tell you the source of each call before you answer the phone.

Record every call you receive from real estate portals. So, you don’t have to write anything down when you talk to customers, just listen to the recordings and fill in the CRM when you have time.

Inregistrare apeluri

INVOX virtual assistant will take voice messages from your customers outside of business hours. That way, you make sure you don’t lose any leads even when you don’t want to be bothered.

VoiceMail INVOX

Email notification for each missed call. Some customers close the call just before connecting with your number, but INVOX sends you an email notification with the phone number that called you.

Notificare Apeluri Pierdute - INVOX

Every Monday at 11:11 a.m., you will receive a full email report with the calls you received the previous week. The weekly report includes the volume of calls you received from each real estate portal and / or source of advertising, with the status and average duration of the calls.

Rapoarte apeluri saptamanale INVOX

În fiecare dimineață, de marți până vineri, îți trimitem pe email raportul de apeluri pe care le-ai primit în ziua anterioară.Raport zilnic apeluri INVOX

On the real estate portals, display a single phone number and the INVOX exchange will distribute the calls equally to each member of your sales team. For example, if there are 3 agents and you receive 12 calls, each agent will receive 4 calls.

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What our customers say

An absolutely necessary service for all those who want to know how effective their promotion campaigns are. In my case, I used INVOX services to measure the results of promoting portfolio properties on real estate portals. After 6 months, it is very clear to me how many leads each portal brings me, at what costs and implicitly the cost per lead ratio. It is also clear to me whether the prices of subscriptions paid to the portals are also covered by the results.
Sorin Raducu
RENET The Real Estate Network
Best thing I could possibly choose! People don't text / whatsapp me anymore on my personal number. I get all my calls recorded. User friendly menu!!
Alexandru Cordea
RENET The Real Estate Network