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Google Ads Call Tracking

How to Set up ValueTrack parameters in Google Ads

ValueTrack parameters are a type of tracking parameter that helps you find out about the source of the clicks in your Google Ads campaigns. These parameters are added at the end of the URL of each ad in your Google Ads account.

To maximize the data you get about each caller in your Google Ads campaigns, you’ll need to use the this tracking parameter:


This parameter will give you the following details:

Campaign ID, Ad Group ID, search or display campaign, keyword, keyword match type, ad, or banner, ad position, and type of user device.

1. Visit the “Campaigns” section of your Google Ads account

sectiunea “Campaigns” din Google AdWords

2. Click the “Settings” button in the left menu.

Settings - Google AdWords

3.Click the “Columns” icon above the statistics table, then click “Modify columns

Modfy columns - Google AdWords

4. Check “Tracking Template” from the list displayed and then “APPLY

Tracking Template - Google AdWords

5. Add ValueTrack parameters – {lpurl}?campaignid={campaignid}&adgroupid={adgroupid}&network={network}&keyword={keyword}&matchtype={matchtype}&creative={creative}&adposition={adposition}&device={device}

Parametrii Value Track - Google AdWords

6. Click the “Save” button


Track Phone Calls Back To Keywords & Visitors from Google Ads campaigns