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Why You Should Add Call Tracking into Your Marketing Strategy?

Businesses today are bombarded with information on the behavior and demographics of the people who visit their website. However, it’s important that this data exists because it teaches businesses more about their potential and existing customers. We are aware that so much information could seem overwhelming to some people but we can’t stress enough how important it is to know as much as possible about your customers. What’s missing here

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How to Increase Healthcare Marketing ROI and Decreased Cost Per Patient

How Call Tracking Drives Your ROI and Cuts Costs As a healthcare marketing expert, you’ll likely employ a number of solutions to get your clients in front of potential patients. But how do you know which of these solutions will work the best? This is where call tracking comes in. Tracking and analyzing calls made by prospective patients will let you know which marketing methods are the most effective. It

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How to Improve Your Return on Investment (ROI) Using Call Tracking

How to Improve Your Return on Investment Using Call Tracking? All marketers and business owners know that the most important metrics for any business is “return on investment” (ROI). They also know that calculating ROI is very difficult, especially with digital advertising. Or at least, it was until call tracking was invented. 😉 Call tracking can help you measure the return on investment of your ads as well as streamline

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Google Ads Call Tracking – Track Calls Back to the Keyword

Researches show that in 2019, calls to business from smartphones are predicted to reach nearly 162 billion, which is a 73% increase from 2015. Even without the data, we all know that phone calls are the main factor in converting for a lot of businesses.  However, it can be challenging to measure exactly how many calls were made because of an online marketing campaign. That’s why call tracking was invented. 

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Client objections agencies face when selling call tracking (and how to overcome them)

If you use call tracking at your marketing agency, you have probably spent hours trying to explain and convince your clients why they need to add call tracking and all the benefits of it. This is probably the hardest part of the whole call tracking process. Without call tracking, it is very hard to prove that your online marketing works and that it is driving leads for your clients. If

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