SEO Call Tracking - The SEO Update You Have To Make

INVOX Call Tracking help SEO marketers prove their value and ensure the effectiveness of their local SEO efforts.

SEO Call Tracking

When customers call, they convert 30% faster.

Optimize your highest converting pages

Tracking calls from the highest converting pages means understanding where your conversions come from. This helps you understand and optimize the pages that work better and generate more conversions.

Call tracking helps landing page optimization

INVOX Call Tracking is capable of discerning the path of each website visitor to your landing page, starting with the keyword. Having that information, you can determine which keywords worked best for your landing page and resulted in conversion. If you decide to a/b test the landing page, it will give you valuable info for optimization.


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To help you easily measure the results of your SEO campaigns, in Google Analytics, you can see phone calls from organic searches traffic.

Google Analytics Call Tracking
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