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Why INVOX call tracking?

track calls


calls from any source

Optimize marketing performance


campaign performances

Increase customer experience


customer experience

Increase revenue (ROI)


your revenue

Track phone calls back to keywords & visitors

PPC advertising is one of the most popular types of advertising. The problem is that an increasing number of customers click on the PPC ads then choose to call the website phone number, and will not complete the conversion online.

For these offline conversions INVOX will reveal which keywords, ads, landing pages are driving phone call conversions and the full customer’s journey through your website.

keywords call tracking

Increased Conversion Rates

With call tracking, you’ll know not just keywords, ads, landing page, or channels, but also which days and times bring in the most calls. Using these powerful data, you can make bid adjustments or other optimizations for your paid campaigns and boost your conversion rate.

The more data you know about your marketing performance, the easier is to improve your conversion rate. SEE? PRETTY SIMPLE!

Increase Conversion Rates

Generate new leads and increase ROI

Determining ROI is an imperative metric for any business and any marketer wants to improve it. INVOX actually shows you how many calls you get from each marketing channel, so effectively helps you to find out what return on investment you have for each channel.

Avoid ineffective strategies and put more attention and energy only in those marketing channels that generate revenue. Knowing what would work for your business can help you generate a better ROI.

Generate new leads and increase ROI

Integrate Your Call Analytics Data for Deeper Marketing Insights

Connect INVOX Call Tracking with top marketing, analytics and business solutions like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Data Studio, Facebook Business Manager, CRM & ERP.

With these integrations you have access to advanced metrics and you’ll be able to control your bids, empowering better performing PPC investments and make improvements in the customer experience.

Call Analytics Data for Deeper Marketing Insights

Save money with call tracking

With a unique call tracking number for each marketing channel, you will be able to adjust your marketing budget according to what is performing and what is not. No more wasting money on advertisements that are not generating revenue.

Use call tracking and you will never ask again “where did you hear about us?” or writing sticky notes and posting them all around your desk. INVOX makes your job easier.

Save money with call tracking

Improved Customer Experience

INVOX Call Tracking gives you deep insights into your customer journey, so you can see how each phone call contributes to overall revenue. You can analyze their behavior, preferences, and omni-channel path to purchase.

See where you can improve your services by listening to call recordings, you’re able to be a fly on the wall with your customers. Increase your customer loyalty with call tracking.

How to Improve Customer Experience

Everything you need to improved customer experience

Whether it's used for a small or large business our call tracking platform comes with a number of features that make your life easier

Call Recording

Running a successful business means keeping a high customers satisfaction, which is closely tied with staff performance. Recording calls helps you evaluate and training your team.


IVR menus can often take the place of live agents answering the phones, so that they may remain focused on engaging customers and solving problems instead of transferring calls.

Voice Mail

Don't want to lose your customers that calls your business outside working hours? We'll send you emails with their recorded messages after each call, so you can call them back.


Once your agents answer the phone, they will hear a short announcement telling them the call's advertising source. For example, it might say "You have a new call from Google Ads".

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